What Causes Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

The stretch marks are caused during the time of pregnancy, where it is mainly because of rapid changes happening in their body. Many of them do not get these dread stretch marks, where it appears only after the pregnancy. Generally the stretch marks are caused when the skin of the body stretched to its limit and this cause the elastic fibers present in the dermis layer of your body makes the skin to break.

This skin break leaves streaks over the stretched area, moreover when the woman is pregnant then her body weight gets increased and also the hormonal activities also get increased. This overall dramatic increase in the body weight causes the skin to stretch and this leaves the prone to marks. The most evident pregnancy stretch marks will appear on the abdomen part, breasts and hips but even for some women the stretch marks also develop in their buttocks, arms and on thighs area.

It is not a matter that what causes these stretch marks but these stretch marks look like same one in which they usually starts out with the brown, pink or red in color depending on the skin color of the pregnant women. In pregnant women this stretch marks usually appears during the 5th or 6th month and after giving birth to a baby the color of the stretch mark will eventually gets fade and you will be left out with the light color on the stretch marks area. There are number of ointments and medicated creams are available in the market where you can buy the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy where this will surely remove or make your stretch marks to get fade.

Tips for preventing the pregnancy stretch marks

If you are pregnant then you need to know that your body goes through lots of changes where your stretch marks looks like a balloon and in other places it will be on the same size. But it is worth to know about these pregnancy stretch marks causes and how to prevent it.

The stretch marks developed in the middle layer of the skin is made up of the collagen. When you body skin stretches continually till the breakdown point then your body will try to compensate its size by sending more collagen to the area where there is over stretch marks. This excess collagen is the one that causes the scar like stretch marks or tissue to develop in the area. In which most of the researchers says that the likelihood of getting these stretch marks during the pregnancy is it will increase if the mother has the stretch marks then her child will also get the stretch marks during her pregnancy. But there are also few things that you can do for preventing these stretch marks during the pregnancy time and following tips will give you a clear idea for fighting against these pregnancy stretch marks. They are.

  • Take your pre natal vitamins and minerals supplements for getting the beautiful hair and skin during your pregnancy time.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat healthy well balanced diet foods
  • Another way to avoid these pregnancy stretch marks is that to use the creams that contain the cocoa butter or vitamin E.

In which there are plenty of creams are available in the market that claims to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks occurred during the pregnancy in which you might also consult your physician for using the cream for getting rid of the pregnancy stretch marks.

What Causes Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

Is it possible to prevent the stretch marks occurred during pregnancy?

Most probably it will not occur soon but it may happen later months during pregnancy so you should prepare for it where this includes making sure that you know how to avoid these pregnancy stretch marks. No matter how much you hate these pregnancy stretch marks, you will not want to make use of the treatments for getting rid of these pregnancy stretch marks which may not harm your baby. For most of the women, the doctor may recommend number of pregnancy stretch mark cream where it should be not should be noted that some of the pregnancy stretch marks creams contain the ingredients made from the petroleum products.

Aside from using the organic stretch mark ointments, oil and massage may also be helpful for you. Even though you may be very much excited about becoming a parent then the idea of getting these stretch marks may not be so thrilling one. Fortunately there are some things which you can do for preventing these unsightly pregnancy scars from developing for getting rid of this you can make use of the stretch mark ointments and you can also do massage where this will help your body skin to remain as much as flexible.

Tips for preventing the ugly stretch marks at the early stage

The truce fact is that avoiding the pregnancy stretch marks is practically an impossible one in which there are also many options that you can carry out for preventing the stretch marks at the early stage of your pregnancy. Before that it is very important to consult your doctor for getting more advice about other kinds of medical complications. As a first thing it is very important to carry out the regular workouts and exercise for at least 1-2 times in a week, ensure that you drink lot of water to keep your skin and body hydrated and closely monitor your body weight.

You can also use stretch mark cream for pregnancy to prevent any kinds of harmful side effects and to stay away from the chemical based creams or products. IF you the natural ingredients stretch mark creams then it reduces the appearance of the stretch marks that occurred after pregnancy. When endeavoring to choose the best stretch line cream for you, assure that it is of a great and well-known brand and is commonly known to be useful. Therefore, simply check the view of the majority. If a cream has served for the highest number of people that you understand of, possibilities are it will serve for you also.

How to Treat Baby Wounds?

For parents, especially for new parents, one of the biggest struggles a parent faces are how to take care of wounds. Babies, who are extremely fragile can easily get hurt. A small bruise or a nick can cause a lot of damage. It is important for parents to of how to take care of wounds after a doctor’s visit.

There are many ways to treat wounds, but one of the best ways to take of baby wounds, is through baby first aid kits.

What is a Baby First Aid Kit?

A baby first aid kit is like a regular first aid kit. It carries all the essentials needed when your little ones get any cuts, bruises, burns, wounds and much more. This kit is meant for minor injuries and is the first form of primary care to a baby before going to a pediatrician.

These kits could be store bought, but it can also be made just by you. So, parents if your babies have special conditions, the kits can be made to replicate their illnesses or just customizable for their specific needs.

The Essentials in a Baby First Aid Kit

When choosing or preparing a first aid kit there are essentials that must be there. They could range from numerous types of products for your baby such as band aids to thermometers and more, but what parents need to have on hand the most are;

A rectal thermometer

This is a thermometer which is inserted into the rectum, these are like any regular thermometers which reads the temperature of your child, but these prove to be more accurate. It is recommended that you buy one with a flexible tip so that the baby does not feel any discomfort.

Infant acetaminophen

This a liquid used to reduce high fevers, it can also be used when babies are teething to relieve them of the pain. The dosage should be relevant to the weight of the baby, so it is important to know how much to give before having your baby take it.

Petroleum jelly

This helps the little ones with itchy rashes. It is extremely important for parents to have around if their babies have sensitive skin.

Nail clipper

It is highly important for parents to clip the babies’ nails as they grow fast and can hurt the child itself. Plus it is hygienically appealing.

Medicine dropper

To help give your child the correct dosage of the medicine required.

Nasal aspirator and saline spray

We all know the difficulty when it comes to a stiff nose and when we get a cold so just imagine how your baby must feel. So it is important to have these on hand an ease them of the pain.

Hydrogen peroxide, bandages, and antiseptic sprays

Whenever your baby gets a small cut or wound it is prone to bacterial infections, which can lead to much more damaging illnesses, therefore it is best to keep these on hand and kill the germs before hand.


Yes tweezers! It may not seem so important but it helps with tiny splinters, especially for dainty hands.

Alcohol wipes

It is must, an absolute must, they disinfect and clean the equipment to prevent any infections from taking place.

Gas drops

These are small droplets that can be mixed into water and fed to your child. It helps break down gas bubbles to stop or slow down burps.

Overall these are the key items which should be present in a baby first aid kit, but as said before if there are certain items needed specifically for your child, it can be added by you.

treat baby

Caring for babies is an expensive task, as they require special nutrition, and the constant need of diapers and clothes and much more. As soon as a baby comes into your life its going to be hectic, and it could result in bills pilling up, but they are the most amazing thing to happen to your life, and there is nothing that you wouldn’t do for them. So parents do not set a rice limit on your child’s health.

So investing in a baby first aid is not something to think twice about. But it also means that you shouldn’t be spending too much at once and buying supplies in bulk as it is a risk to expiration.

How Much Does One Cost?

On average a pre-made kit would cost around $10-$20 maximum, online or in retail shops, but if you choose to make it yourself the prices could change for the better or worse as it depends on how much you are purchasing and what you are purchasing. So, it is always beneficial to know how much you spend. And if you are making your own one, it is not needed for you to spend highly on the containers, as you could just store them in Ziploc bags, shoe boxes, makeup bags and much more to your convenience.

And as parents wants to do the very best for their children, they may choose the most expensive kits as the will assume that it is the best baby first aid kit due to the price. But that is not always the case. The prices depend on the number of products enlisted in the kit, and how much one of the items is. Furthermore, companies could be charging extra on the packaging if it is extravagant. Therefore, it is not wise to assume that the most expensive is the best, as there could be other kits which are far less pricy and are much higher in quality whereas the packaging maybe lacking some flare.


Overall there are a wide variety of baby first aid kits in retail shops, or online for exclusive prices as well, and some may prefer them to be the best. But for some, the best baby first aid kit could be the homemade ones, made by parents themselves. As it caters to their baby’s specific needs. Therefore it all depends on the preference of each parent as they are not all the same. However, even though there is no conclusion when it comes to best baby first aid kit, all we know is that every parent cares about their child enough to make sure that they are healthy and safe.

Sweet Camden Shea turns 7!

Birthday Week in the Starr house continues today as we celebrate 7 years of our Camden Shea. Oh, this girl! She entered our world a whopping 14 months after her big brother and rocked it to the core. With a personality that can best be described as “dynamic,” Cami Shea has expanded our capacity to love and parent beyond what we knew possible. Usually the “stirrer of the pot,” she is also the first to cuddle, nurture, and comfort. Camden is our passionate child. Everything she says, does, or thinks is intense, well thought out, and likely to cause a reaction.
Cam enjoys being in baby sister’s face (literally. She can’t/won’t leave her alone.), bossing around all who will listen, playing house, doing crafts, naming future children, throwing, hitting, dribbling, shooting, deciding what to wear in the next hour, trying to keep up with older sister, and strategizing ways outplay big brother. She is my sports obsessed girl, with an eye for fashion, and a heart of gold. But don’t let the cute blonde cut and baby blue eyes deceive you, Cam also holds the family record for most hours served in T.O. (time out) and has been the guinea pig for a variety of experimental parenting strategies (conclusive results still TBD). She has taught me a lot about parenting and even more about myself, because apparently we are a LOT alike. Which also means that I may or may not behave like a 7-year-old girl.
Cami Shea, you are a treasure and a blessing, to be sure. Your entire life has been a sweet, sweet surprise.  From conception, early birth, and gender to the sassiness and bubbly personality – we didn’t expect any of it.  But, I LOVE surprises and you have been, hands down, the best of them all.  Such a funny combination of drama and joy, you are.  Your passion. Your conviction. Your strength (literally). Your resolve (some might call it stubbornness…)…I love it. All of it. You fascinate and inspire and exhaust me. With a spark in your eye and a VERY special place in our hearts, it is my privilege and my honor to be called your mom. Here’s to a stellar 7th year, my sweet sweet Camden Shea!
And, mostly for my sake, here’s a quick interview with our birthday girl:

Tour de Christmas 2015

Blogging is such an interesting thing for me. Some days I really miss it and find myself making lists of alllll the things I could/should be blogging about. And then, other days? I feel sooooo much freedom from it. I used to stress about keeping our blog updated. About not missing a thing. About documenting every milestone and moment. It’s safe to say that Instagram has really helped relieve me of most of that self-imposed stress. I take solice in the fact that I am able to post little bits and memories from our lives and that they won’t forever be lost just because I’m not blogging about it.
All of that to say: if you’re not following me or I’m not following you on IG, let’s be friends! I’m over there, #overgramming cute baby pics, proud mom posts, or snippets from our circus-like life. It’s just the season I’m in right now and I plan on riding the wave. Who know’s what will be next?!? Periscope, perhaps? My techie husband is trying to convince me. We’ll see!
Anyway. I do like to do a little “Christmas Home Tour” each year. It’s fun to compare the photos from year to year, but really? They’re so very similar. If you’ve been here for a while and have seen pics from years past, this year isn’t much different. So, feel free to click away now.
Aannnnd to those of you still here — Welcome to Tour de Christmas 2015:


Kaiah True turns 5!!

From this:

To this:
My first last baby. Of course, we have a real-life last baby now, but before Maysen Paige, my little Kai Pie was it. She was the baby…and was treated accordingly. I’ll admit it — Kaiah True has been on the receiving end of some serious spoiling. And I can assure you that she deserves every ounce of cuddles, hugs, grace, and kindness that she receives from us all.
Kaiah is the definition of sweet and the epitome of silly. She dishes out love and words of affirmation (she calls them “bucket-fillers”) like nobody’s business…which, obviously, makes her a family favorite. Her signature crazy curls are still going strong, but those cute chubby cheeks seem to be thinning out just a bit to match the rest of her skinny little bod. Just last week as I was sorting/organizing clothes, I had to force myself to remove all the 18 and 24 month pieces that lingered in her closet. Truth be told, they could still fit her around the middle, but the pants have become shorts and the long sleeve shirts turned into tees. Just more evidence that our little girl is growing up.
Speaking of growing up…yesterday, as we were making her birthday snack for school (homemade Oreos, if you must know), Kaiah said to me, “Tomorrow when I’m five, I probably won’t need this step stool anymore because I’ll be taller.” Of course, I inserted a hard dose of reality, “No, babe. Just because you’re turning five tomorrow, doesn’t mean you’ll wake up taller.”
“But I’ll FEEL taller.” 
Of course, you will, Kai. That’s the joy of going from 4 to 5. You get to FEEL it ALL! You get to sqeeeee, whine, cry, complain, and screech with excitement, without one bit of concern for how cool you look. What your heart feels, you have the privilege of expressing for us all to see and hear. Color me jealous. All those emotions just free to flow, without an ounce of accountability or consciousness.
For the past year, we have had the joy of watching you grow into and out of the fullness of being four. Your speech has dramatically improved, you’ve mastered a cartwheel, outgrown the “baby carseat,” and hit the 35 pound mark on the scale!
Big stuff is happening, kid. Big stuff.
Your relationships with friends and siblings have become more complex…and also funnier. I love not only watching you grow, but listening to you grow, too.
My Kai. My buddy when the other babes had left me (for school. But still.). We’ve spent some serious quality time together over the last five years — late night nursing sessions, cuddles on the couch, basketball/softball/football game watching, trips to Target, Tropical Smoothie lunchdates, and so much more. I certainly celebrate watching you thrive and thank God for your little life, but seriously. If you could just chill with the growing, that would be great.
My gosh, little girl…I love you so. You bring our family so much joy, laughter, and love. Keep growing, baby — it’s an absolute honor to observe.
All my love…and lots of big kisses,

Sibling Shirts by Landy Lou and Evie Too

Back about..oh, you know…SIX or so months ago, I received some really, much anticipated happy mail.
After a long search for THE *perfect* sibling shirts, I happened upon Landy Lou and Evie Too, a locally owned online shop. Until I found the Landy Lou and Evie Too Facebook page, I wasn’t really sure what kind of “meet the baby shirts” I wanted for the big kids. Something homemade? Store bought? Matchy-matchy? Simple? Now, in the grand-scheme of things, my sibling shirt dilema ranks up there with the Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ debate…but when you’re 23 months pregnant with your fifth baby and her head feels like a basketball wedged between your coccyx and ischium (yes, those are real bones. Nurse, remember?), you tend to make mountains out of molehills and will do just about anything to focus on something other than the burn-your-throat-heartburn and cankles. SO. Within minutes of stalking the LL&ET page, I just knew that they would be able to hook me up with something fun, unique, and affordable. After a few back-and-forth emails with Megan & Jessica, I just knew they were, no only, great business owners, but truly wonderful girls!
Annnyyyway! The kids’ shirts showed up just a few weeks before Baby Maysen and we couldn’t have loved them more! They’re just so us. Even Eli liked his “jersey!”

Long story not-so-short? I would HIGHLY recommend Megan & Jessica at Landy Lou & Evie Too! They were fantastic to work with — creative, professional, prompt, and FUN! Check out their page for any of your custom apparel needs!


Oh, and as I’m searching for pics of the kids in their shirts, I realize that I don’t have any of the backs (boo!). So, you’ll just have to envision it (each kid has a number 1-5 based on their birth order) until I can trick my friends at EL Photography & Design into taking a few. Which reminds me…I should order another, bigger one for Maysi! She outgrew her teeny tiny newborn handmade onesie a looong time ago!


Yep, Tuesday again. I’ll be honest — kind of feels like I’m losing my mind a bit. The kids start school tomorrow and I have a million things to do before then — the most important being, you know, spending time with them.

Anyway, wanted to pop in with our VERY boring meal plan for the week. We had a few things come up last week  and ended up eating leftovers one evening, so there are a few repeats from last week.
Monday: BLTs
Tuesday: Hot subs using my favorite Sam’s Club french bread loaves.
Wednesday: Spicy Sausage Pasta
Thursday: Turkey Tater Tot Casserole. I use Michelle Duggar’s recipe. I know, I know — Duggars = scandal these days, but still — this recipe is the best.
Friday: Not Chicken Pot Pie
So, what’s for dinner at your house? I need some new ideas for the school year!


Back by popular demand — MEAL PLANNING MONDAY…on a Tuesday, of course!
have had a couple people ask me when I was going to start posting our weekly menus again, but really? Documenting daily dinners is more for me than anything else because:
1. It makes future planning easier when I can go back and get ideas from previous weeks.
2. I like when you all post meal ideas in the comments section.
So, back to business. Here’s what we’re having this week.
Monday: J made mac & cheese. (Just keeping it real…)
Tuesday: Weight Watchers Shepherd’s Pie. This is seriously one of the easiest and delicious meals EVER. And I can’t find it online anywhere. So, here’s a poor quality pic from the magazine I got it out of.

Wednesday: French Bread Pizza. Again, we’re not talking rocket science here. I get 2 HUGE loafs of french bread at Sam’s Club for $2.37, then add pizza sauce and toppings. Cheap, cheap, cheap.
Thursday: BLT’s & sweet corn. We have tomatoes coming out of our ears, so this is a weekly staple for us until they’re gone.
Friday: Breakfast Burritos
Saturday: Spicy Sausage Pasta
Sunday: We’ll wing it!
Ok! Your turn! What’s for dinner at YOUR house?!?

Hey, Elijah Wrigley…EIGHT is enough!

It’s true y’all.
Even though I could swear he was just born yesterday, my baby boy is 8 years old today!
And let me tell ya — EIGHT is enough! 
Elijah Wrigley,
If you wouldn’t mind staying at this still baby-faced, big tooth-ed age, I sure would appreciate it. Because this growing up business? It sure is hard on your mama’s heart.
And speaking of heart, you certainly hold a special place in mine. It’s a place all it’s own and ONLY for you. Because you, son, are my boy. You’re my little lover, button-pusher, tender-hearted, completely sports-obsessed, bacon-loving, and LOUD boy. You mess up words, wear emotions on your sleeve, are freakishly good at math, and can be a little too sarcastic at times.
Eli, you’re an analyzer. The opposite of me. You’re a smarty pants. A joy to have as a son. A thinker and doer. Cautious. Leader. Persistent and stubborn.
Stubb.orn. Where you got this need to be right all the time, we’ll never know. (*cough*cough*) But you and I? We’re working on admitting when we’re wrong. And we’ll get it, buddy. Thankfully, this isn’t something we need to practice often.
Oh, sweet boy, these years have been good ones. You are growing so quickly and your little boy-ness has almost completely faded away. I know it’s only a matter of time before you’re less interested in morning snuggles with your Mama and more interested in other people (girls!) and things (more sports!).
Eight years ago, I could only hope you would sleep another hour.  Today I’m realizing how quickly the past 8 years have gone and it makes me want to take back each and every bedtime story, tee ball game, park date, or bike ride and do them all over again.  Holding hands with you, my now 8 year old, feels so fleeting. Today we walked into the store hand-in-hand and I had to wonder…how much longer will this last? Was today the final time to have your hand in mine? Please know that as you step away and pull your hand from mine, we are rooting for you, cheering you on like no one ever will.
Son, your dad and I pray that the people and things that God brings into your life will continue to draw you closer to Him. We pray for you, that you would use your leadership and passion not to build your name, but to make His name bigger — that you would use your stubborn persistence to tell others about Him.
We pray the Lord’s richest blessings on you, precious son.
Happy eight years!
We can’t wait to see what this year will bring us!
All my love to Wrigley and back,