What Causes Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

What Causes Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

The stretch marks are caused during the time of pregnancy, where it is mainly because of rapid changes happening in their body. Many of them do not get these dread stretch marks, where it appears only after the pregnancy. Generally the stretch marks are caused when the skin of the body stretched to its limit and this cause the elastic fibers present in the dermis layer of your body makes the skin to break.

This skin break leaves streaks over the stretched area, moreover when the woman is pregnant then her body weight gets increased and also the hormonal activities also get increased. This overall dramatic increase in the body weight causes the skin to stretch and this leaves the prone to marks. The most evident pregnancy stretch marks will appear on the abdomen part, breasts and hips but even for some women the stretch marks also develop in their buttocks, arms and on thighs area.

It is not a matter that what causes these stretch marks but these stretch marks look like same one in which they usually starts out with the brown, pink or red in color depending on the skin color of the pregnant women. In pregnant women this stretch marks usually appears during the 5th or 6th month and after giving birth to a baby the color of the stretch mark will eventually gets fade and you will be left out with the light color on the stretch marks area. There are number of ointments and medicated creams are available in the market where you can buy the best stretch mark cream for pregnancy where this will surely remove or make your stretch marks to get fade.

Tips for preventing the pregnancy stretch marks

If you are pregnant then you need to know that your body goes through lots of changes where your stretch marks looks like a balloon and in other places it will be on the same size. But it is worth to know about these pregnancy stretch marks causes and how to prevent it.

The stretch marks developed in the middle layer of the skin is made up of the collagen. When you body skin stretches continually till the breakdown point then your body will try to compensate its size by sending more collagen to the area where there is over stretch marks. This excess collagen is the one that causes the scar like stretch marks or tissue to develop in the area. In which most of the researchers says that the likelihood of getting these stretch marks during the pregnancy is it will increase if the mother has the stretch marks then her child will also get the stretch marks during her pregnancy. But there are also few things that you can do for preventing these stretch marks during the pregnancy time and following tips will give you a clear idea for fighting against these pregnancy stretch marks. They are.

  • Take your pre natal vitamins and minerals supplements for getting the beautiful hair and skin during your pregnancy time.
  • Drink plenty of water and eat healthy well balanced diet foods
  • Another way to avoid these pregnancy stretch marks is that to use the creams that contain the cocoa butter or vitamin E.

In which there are plenty of creams are available in the market that claims to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks occurred during the pregnancy in which you might also consult your physician for using the cream for getting rid of the pregnancy stretch marks.

What Causes Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

Is it possible to prevent the stretch marks occurred during pregnancy?

Most probably it will not occur soon but it may happen later months during pregnancy so you should prepare for it where this includes making sure that you know how to avoid these pregnancy stretch marks. No matter how much you hate these pregnancy stretch marks, you will not want to make use of the treatments for getting rid of these pregnancy stretch marks which may not harm your baby. For most of the women, the doctor may recommend number of pregnancy stretch mark cream where it should be not should be noted that some of the pregnancy stretch marks creams contain the ingredients made from the petroleum products.

Aside from using the organic stretch mark ointments, oil and massage may also be helpful for you. Even though you may be very much excited about becoming a parent then the idea of getting these stretch marks may not be so thrilling one. Fortunately there are some things which you can do for preventing these unsightly pregnancy scars from developing for getting rid of this you can make use of the stretch mark ointments and you can also do massage where this will help your body skin to remain as much as flexible.

Tips for preventing the ugly stretch marks at the early stage

The truce fact is that avoiding the pregnancy stretch marks is practically an impossible one in which there are also many options that you can carry out for preventing the stretch marks at the early stage of your pregnancy. Before that it is very important to consult your doctor for getting more advice about other kinds of medical complications. As a first thing it is very important to carry out the regular workouts and exercise for at least 1-2 times in a week, ensure that you drink lot of water to keep your skin and body hydrated and closely monitor your body weight.

You can also use stretch mark cream for pregnancy to prevent any kinds of harmful side effects and to stay away from the chemical based creams or products. IF you the natural ingredients stretch mark creams then it reduces the appearance of the stretch marks that occurred after pregnancy. When endeavoring to choose the best stretch line cream for you, assure that it is of a great and well-known brand and is commonly known to be useful. Therefore, simply check the view of the majority. If a cream has served for the highest number of people that you understand of, possibilities are it will serve for you also.

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