Until next year…

Hey guys!  Seeing as I have already taken a couple days off from posting, I think I’m going to go ahead and officially declare it a blogging break!  Kind of like college Christmas break!  Only without the carefree days of hanging out with friends, sleeping in, and eating all of my mom and dad’s food.

Like many of you, my heart is so so heavy over the tragic incident in Newtown, CT last Friday and I just don’t feel like there is much I could write that hasn’t already been said or that could bring anyone any type of solace.  So, I’m going to choose to spend the remainder of this year focusing on my family.

When I return after the New Year (who knows, I might just pop in before that?!?), life for these Starrs is going to look a whole lot different.  I look forward to sharing with you in our journey through unemployment, EXTREME financial frugality, and small business start-up.  Yipes.  My eyes fill with tears and stomach begins to knot just writing those words.  But, we rest in peace knowing that a tiny Savior was born for us, died for us, and is here with us through all things.

Merry, merry Christmas dear friends!

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