How to Treat Baby Wounds?

For parents, especially for new parents, one of the biggest struggles a parent faces are how to take care of wounds. Babies, who are extremely fragile can easily get hurt. A small bruise or a nick can cause a lot of damage. It is important for parents to of how to take care of wounds after a doctor’s visit.

There are many ways to treat wounds, but one of the best ways to take of baby wounds, is through baby first aid kits.

What is a Baby First Aid Kit?

A baby first aid kit is like a regular first aid kit. It carries all the essentials needed when your little ones get any cuts, bruises, burns, wounds and much more. This kit is meant for minor injuries and is the first form of primary care to a baby before going to a pediatrician.

These kits could be store bought, but it can also be made just by you. So, parents if your babies have special conditions, the kits can be made to replicate their illnesses or just customizable for their specific needs.

The Essentials in a Baby First Aid Kit

When choosing or preparing a first aid kit there are essentials that must be there. They could range from numerous types of products for your baby such as band aids to thermometers and more, but what parents need to have on hand the most are;

A rectal thermometer– This is a thermometer which is inserted into the rectum, these are like any regular thermometers which reads the temperature of your child, but these prove to be more accurate. It is recommended that you buy one with a flexible tip so that the baby does not feel any discomfort.

Infant acetaminophen– This a liquid used to reduce high fevers, it can also be used when babies are teething to relieve them of the pain. The dosage should be relevant to the weight of the baby, so it is important to know how much to give before having your baby take it.

Petroleum jelly- This helps the little ones with itchy rashes. It is extremely important for parents to have around if their babies have sensitive skin.

Nail clipper- It is highly important for parents to clip the babies’ nails as they grow fast and can hurt the child itself. Plus it is hygienically appealing.

Medicine dropper-To help give your child the correct dosage of the medicine required.

Nasal aspirator and saline spray- We all know the difficulty when it comes to a stiff nose and when we get a cold so just imagine how your baby must feel. So it is important to have these on hand an ease them of the pain.

Hydrogen peroxide, bandages, and antiseptic sprays- Whenever your baby gets a small cut or wound it is prone to bacterial infections, which can lead to much more damaging illnesses, therefore it is best to keep these on hand and kill the germs before hand.

Tweezers- Yes tweezers! It may not seem so important but it helps with tiny splinters, especially for dainty hands.

Alcohol wipes- It is must, an absolute must, they disinfect and clean the equipment to prevent any infections from taking place.

Gas drops- These are small droplets that can be mixed into water and fed to your child. It helps break down gas bubbles to stop or slow down burps.

Overall these are the key items which should be present in a baby first aid kit, but as said before if there are certain items needed specifically for your child, it can be added by you.

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How Much Does One Cost?

Caring for babies is an expensive task, as they require special nutrition, and the constant need of diapers and clothes and much more. As soon as a baby comes into your life its going to be hectic, and it could result in bills pilling up, but they are the most amazing thing to happen to your life, and there is nothing that you wouldn’t do for them. So parents do not set a rice limit on your child’s health.

So investing in a baby first aid is not something to think twice about. But it also means that you shouldn’t be spending too much at once and buying supplies in bulk as it is a risk to expiration.

On average a pre-made kit would cost around $10-$20 maximum, online or in retail shops, but if you choose to make it yourself the prices could change for the better or worse as it depends on how much you are purchasing and what you are purchasing. So, it is always beneficial to know how much you spend. And if you are making your own one, it is not needed for you to spend highly on the containers, as you could just store them in Ziploc bags, shoe boxes, makeup bags and much more to your convenience.

And as parents wants to do the very best for their children, they may choose the most expensive kits as the will assume that it is the best baby first aid kit due to the price. But that is not always the case. The prices depend on the number of products enlisted in the kit, and how much one of the items is. Furthermore, companies could be charging extra on the packaging if it is extravagant. Therefore, it is not wise to assume that the most expensive is the best, as there could be other kits which are far less pricy and are much higher in quality whereas the packaging maybe lacking some flare.

Overall there are a wide variety of baby first aid kits in retail shops, or online for exclusive prices as well, and some may prefer them to be the best. But for some, the best baby first aid kit could be the homemade ones, made by parents themselves. As it caters to their baby’s specific needs. Therefore it all depends on the preference of each parent as they are not all the same. However, even though there is no conclusion when it comes to best baby first aid kit, all we know is that every parent cares about their child enough to make sure that they are healthy and safe.