*TEN* Joy-Filled Years || Happy Birthday, Addi!

My gorgeous (biased much?) Addi-girl is a decade old today! This marks 10 years of motherhood for me and, looking back I can safely say that, Addison’s birth day was the best day of my life…not because I love her more than her little Starr siblings, but because she’s the one who made me a mom. She was the game-changer, the one that took me from t-ball to big league LOVE. And for that, I am forever grateful. We are oh-so-thankful for Addi’s quick wit and compassion; her creativity, leadership, and work ethic; her kindness and enthusiasm. But most of all?  We thank God for Addison’s heart. It’s pure gold and full of love for the people and things around her. With her in this world, I have faith in the future, because I know she will make it better.

Addison Clark Starr, I pray that you will never, not for one single moment, forget that you are wholly, madly, deeply, unconditionally loved. Not just by your dad and me, or your siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and those that make up our “village”, but also by an awesome God, who exceeds all of that love and a thousand times more.

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