#starrbabycinco 37.5 week update!

I’ve been less than stellar at posting #starrbabycinco pregnancy updates thus far and with less (hopefully!) than 2 weeks to go, I figured it was time to post one more/last update. Let’s get started, shall we?!?
Due Date: Still May 12. It pains me to write that, as the date still seems so far away. However, it’s still not likely that we’ll get there. My OB will offer me an elective induction (which I plan on taking!) at 39 weeks, as long as my cervix is “favorable.”
Weeks: 37 weeks 3 days

Doctor Report: As of Wednesday, I was 3cm dilated and baby was head-down! I realize the dilation really doesn’t mean much, but it’s a glimmer of hope for me and I’m holding on to every little bit I can. 🙂
Gender: GIRL. At least that’s what we’re counting on.
Name: Still none. And it’s a sensitive subject. I *think* we have a couple of contenders, but definitely no forerunner. I’m praying that we’ll “just know” when we see her sweet little face.
Total Weight Gain: No idea. I step on the scale backwards at the doctor’s office these days. And really? At this point, it doesn’t matter much. Moving on.
Maternity Clothes: I *wish* my maternity clothes still fit. My wardrobe is down to a couple basic, ill fitting pieces, but I refuse to buy anything else. So, flashes of bare belly it is. I apologize to anyone that might catch a glimpse.

Sleep: Horrible. Between contractions, a sore back, and bathroom runs, I’m not getting much. I spend the first couple hours every night in my bed, then make the switch to the chair in our room for the remainder of the night.
Food: I’m happy to report that my heartburn has subsided a bit (due to baby droppage??) and food is a bit more enjoyable again. I’m only able to eat small amounts at a time without feeling nauseous. Oh, and I’ve been craving WALNUTS (yes, WALNUTS!) in a BIG way.
Pregnancy Symptoms: You name it, I have it. At the top of the list? Back pain, contractions, swollen feet/hands, and exhaustion!
Movement: She’s an active little girl and this is probably the main (only?) thing I will miss about being pregnant. I just love the kicks, hiccups, and rolls…even as they get a bit painful.
What I’m Looking Forward To: SEEING HER FACE! Seriously! I’ve been dreaming about what she will look/feel/smell like and can.not.wait. The other thing I’m excited for? The big kids to meet and love on her. The anticipation is killing all of us!
There you have it — perhaps my LAST pregnancy update!

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