#StarrBabyCinco 35 Week Update!

#StarrBabyCinco 35 Week Update!

How the heck I got to be 35+ weeks pregnant and haven’t updated in over a month, I’ll never know. Despite that, I can honestly say that this pregnancy certainly has NOT flown by. I’ve felt each and every moment of it and some weeks I wonder if time is passing at all. I’m in a weird place of not wanting to wish time away and being soooooooo ready for this sweet girl…and to not be pregnant anymore. If you think that sounds strange coming from me, the previous pregnancy lover, you’re right. Not sure if it’s the *ahem* advanced age of this pregnancy, having 4 other kids to chase after, or the fact that I’ve been nauseous pretty much every day for the past 9 months, but this time around has been TOUGH! Regardless, things around here are a buzz and we’ve been getting ready, both mentally and physically, for our little #starrbabycinco!

Last month Addi’s softball team SHOCKED us with a shower, disguised as a team dinner. Those sneaky little softballers (& their parents!) were soooooo generous and between them and our family, I am now feeling 99% ready with all the stuff.  Time to update the “list,” right?
Here we go…

  • A BABY NAME!! Unfortunately, this is the only thing we can’t purchase…the search continues. Update: Still no name. 🙁 We’re working on it and still accepting submissions.
  • Single Jogging Stroller
  • Carseat
  • Pacifiers
  • Baby Bathtub
  • Nursing Supplies (nursing pads, cream)
  • Nursing bras/camis
  • Gifts for big brother/sisters  — Update: Still working on this one, but not at all worried about it.
  • Diapers – Hawkwa (aka Grandma Terri) has us covered and we are soooo thankful!
  • Wipes
  • Feminine Products
  • Bottles/milk storage — I have some Medela bottles/storage containers left over for pumping, but I just need to take an inventory, then organize/clean them all. Come to think of it, I’m sure we have plenty, but might have to search Camden’s closet for all her “doll supplies.” Update: I found a few, but they were GROSS and got tossed in the trash! I’m sure I’ll get some at the hospital and am just planning on making a Target run for whatever I need after that.
  • Going Home Outfit Kaiah and I picked out theeeee cutest little layette for baby sister.
  • Sibling Shirts Update: These have been ordered from Landy Lou and Evie Too and are soooooo perfect! I can’t wait to show them off.
  • Blankets
  • Want:
    Crib Bedding — My sweet friend Molly volunteered to MAKE us a quilt and I, of course, said yes! She and I went on a fabric run and I am feeling just oh-so blessed/grateful for Molly’s generosity!Ju Ju Be Diaper Bag Update: My parents are the BEST and this beauty is just waiting for me to show off

    • New Boppy Cover Update: I’ve decided to just use the blue one we already have. I’ve washed it and also decided that I really don’t use it long enough to justify spending $$ on a new one.Ergo —
  • To Do:
    • Client Editorial Calendars, etc. — I’ve been working ahead and am feeling pretty good about what I have left to do for each of my clients. Besides, they’re all SUPER amazing to work!
    • Carpets Cleaned — We got a NASTY case of the stomach flu here over spring break and the week after, when the carpet cleaners were scheduled to come. I cancelled and am now waiting until our built-ins (see below) are completely finished.
    • Freezer Meals Made — I still haven’t made any freezer meals, BUT I do have an ongoing list of easy go-to meals, so I’m really not too worried about this one.
    • Fireplace Built-Ins Finished — These are thiiiiiis close to being DONE! YAY! T and E Construction is doing an awesome job and I can’t wait to show them off to you very soon!
    • Buy end-of-the-year teacher gifts — this is something that always sneaks up on me and stresses me out anyway, so with a newborn? It just might not get done. We don’t do anything big or over-the-top, but I do like our kiddos’ teachers to know how much we’ve appreciated them throughout the year.
    • Wash/organize all clothes (figure out where to put them all!!) — Update: I’m close on this one too.
    • Make sure pump is working/clean
    • Pack Bags — Update: My bag is somewhat packed and I have a list of things to add to it. Baby’s bag is packed, too!
    • Clear Camera — I did this once, but am probably ready for another round of camera clearing!
    • Big Sam’s Club Run — This is on the agenda as soon as we get a free evening!

    Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play Again, Papa and Jojo came through in the clutch.

To Do/Buy, Baby Edition

February 7, 2015