Starr Baby Cinco: 25 Week Pregnancy Update

Starr Baby Cinco: 25 Week Pregnancy Update

How sweet is Mr. Starr?!? I’ll answer — the sweetest! Really, though, he deserves his own praise. Super Dad has been working, chauffeuring, coaching, studying, and daddy-ing NON-STOP! Sometimes, even when I’m laying on the couch “too tired” or “too sick” to help! Basically? He’s the best!
Anyway, I’m long overdue for a #StarrBabyCinco update. Even though I haven’t been blogging about her as much as I would like, we think/talk about her ALL.THE.TIME. We are all getting so anxious to meet this little lady!
Ok, here’s the latest:
Due Date: Still May 12. Honestly, I’ll be surprised to see May, but who knows? Maybe she’ll {wisely} decide that it’s safer in the belly than out.
Weeks: 25 weeks 2 days.

Gender: GIRL! And, man-oh-man, are we pumped to have another little lady in this house! Even big brother is excited (especially after his initial reaction!)!
Name: Ugh. We still have NO idea. Ideally, her name would be able to be shortened to a nickname that ends in an -i, like the other kids. It will be baseball related in one way or another — likely in her middle name. We don’t love super popular names, but don’t really want anything too “out there” either. At this point, we’re open to any/all suggestions! (This is me begging for help! Seriously, send us your best baby names!)
Total Weight Gain: Still not talking about it. Between this and FAILING my 1-hour glucose test, I had a really rough day last Thursday. Also? HORMONES! Oh-well. I’m over it. Still watching what I eat, exercising {almost} daily, and determined to pass the heck out of the 3-hour test. Thankfully, I have some pretty great friends/family that pass along lots of great, encouraging words. My favorite so far has been: “Screw them. You look great!” I’ll take it!

Maternity Clothes: Yes, yes, yes. I’m in all maternity (or workout!) bottoms and pretty much all maternity tops, with the exception of a few t-shirts/tank tops that I’ve bought big.

Sleep: Still sleeping fairly well, but the nightmares can leave me anytime now. I’ve reached the point in pregnancy where every roll from side to side warrants a groan and LOTS of effort.
Food: Y’all, I am HUNGRY! But then I eat, end up feeling sick for the next couple of hours, eat again, and swear that I’ll NEVER do that again….until a couple hours later.
Pregnancy “Symptoms”: Heartburn, middle of the night leg cramps, round ligament pain, the occasional contraction, lower back pain, and general fatigue.

Movement: Little Cinco has been practicing her martial arts move on my insides — and I LOVE it. The kids are now able to feel her movements on the outside (when they’re able to sit still long enough!), which is a whole new level of fun.

What I Miss: A really good workout, small boobs (just being honest), sleeping through the night, and not being breathless after going up the stairs.
What I Love: The fact that I get to do this again. Like, seriously. I thought my pregnancy/baby days were over, but God likes surprises and this one has left me so grateful for the chance to do it all over. I’m slightly obsessed with ‘pinning’ baby girl goodies, sorting clothes, brainstorming names, etc. It’s fun!

What I’m Looking Forward To: Without wishing time away, I’m just excited to meet her when she’s done cooking! All of our kids look SO different that I just can’t imagine how this sweet girl will come out. Dark eyes, hair, and coloring like Addi? Or blonde and blue like the others? Curly like Kaiah? A dimple like Eli? Or straight hair like Camden?!?


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