On The (Currently) Challenging Child

I’m relatively new to this whole parenting gig, but I think I’ve been around long enough to know that when you have multiple children they like to take turns being the “challenge.”  It’s some sort of hilarious game of tag to them.  “You’re it!  No, you’re it!  Now it’s your turn!”  That’s been our experience, at least.  Thankfully, though, it seems rare that all the children are challenging at the sametime.  (Thank you, Jesus!)

Currently, Kaiah is my tricky kid (although Elijah and his mouth are in a close 2nd!).  And while I shouldn’t be surprised (she IS 2 after all ), I’ll admit that it has caught me a little off guard.  It’s like we went from sweet baby to terrorist 2-year-old overnight.  Granted, there are many pleasant points throughout our days, but at least during this season, she is just plain tough to parent.  There are the many “me do it” moments, swings and misses in my direction, monumental meltdowns, and plenty of pouting (always accompanied with crossed arms, a hanging head, and a factual “it not fair!”).

I’m grateful for the wisdom and experience to know that this, too, is just a phase.  But more so?  I’m thankful for the new starts each day and God’s grace when clearly my mothering just isn’t measuring up.

PS  We ARE eating this week, but I just haven’t had a chance to post MPM in a while.  I’ve been buuuusssyyyy, yo’s!  A good busy, but the kind that makes you wish you had 4 extra hours in a day.  And a nanny.  And an assistant.  And a cleaning lady.  And a cook.  And a chauffeur.  Alas, we’re getting by and taking it day by day.  Soon I’ll have my feet under me again and be back to my {more frequent} blogging.  Pinky swear.

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