Life seems to be moving at warp speed around here lately – leaving me questioning: How in the worlddid I work full-time (from home) and do all of this other stuff too?!? I know many of you might be giving me a dramatic, although justified, eye roll right now at the thought of this now stay-at-home mom carrying on about the busyness of life.  But seriously. These kids! This house! A soon-to-be small business! It’s all a LOT of work.  And to say I’m keeping up with it all is a gross (literally!) understatement.  Currently my house is a disaster, the piles on my desk are out of control, my children ate hot dogs and french fries more this weekend than I care to admit, and I haven’t had a “date” with my husband in almost a year (truth!).  And yet?  Life is good.  The busyness has kept me…well…busy.  And focused.  Focused on this family, our future, and what God has in store.

Anyway.  Enough of my Monday afternoon ramblings.  Here are some pictures from last week and our wonderful weekend, as well as, an easy-peasy meal plan to accommodate our busy week.

Happy Monday, friends!


Monday: Cauliflower and sweet potato au gratin  (please pray for my family – they have no idea this is coming!)

Tuesday: Baked Penne

Wednesday: Chicken Pesto (carry-over)

Thursday: Baked Tacos

Friday: Chicken Ranch and Rice Soup

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