Maysen Paige :: Newborn Photos with EL Photography & Design

To the best of my recollection, my obsession with photography and capturing memories began way back when I was a kid. My cousin, Chandra, and I used to sit on my grandparent’s bed for hours, sifting through old photos and sharing our latest school yearbooks. And when I wasn’t looking at family pictures, I could be found pouring through Teen Magazine, cutting pictures, gathering inspiration, and creating collages. It was, like, my most.favorite.thing.eva (said in my best pre-teen voice…which I’m pretty accustom to these days. Read: Addison Clark Starr is full of sass.).
What I’m getting at here, is that no one should be surprised that, when it comes to photos of my family, I’m obsessed with the best. And the best, lucky for us, lives just around the corner. Emily from EL Photography & Design was, first and foremost, a friend. That friendship has now developed into a little business relationship with Emily & her best business partner in crime, Teresa. I help them with the “office-y” side of things and they spoil me rotten with amazing pictures. Needless to say, I feel like I’m on the #winning end of that deal, but they assure me it’s an “employee perk.” Seeing as I’ve never been one to turn down great opportunities, I took Emily & Teresa up on their offer to take some pics of our sweet little Squish, Maysi Paige.
Emily first showed up at the hospital, camera in hand, shot some brand new baby pics, and I couldn’t adore them more! They capture everything I love about newborn-ness…wrinkles, rolls, soft skin, fuzzy hair, and and funny faces. See?

Next up…the “official” newborn session. And ooohhhh boy, did Maysen make the girls WORK for these shots. Girlfriend would NOT give in and sleep. In hindsight, we were dealing with some reflux issues, but still…sleep child! Once again, Emily & Teresa totally exceeded my expectations (how do they do that every single time?!?) and I will forever treasure these images.
Still, even after 2 months, I find myself looking at these pictures, over and over again. Finding familiarity with the details, and tucking away sweet, sweet memories.
Emily & Teresa, THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart for capturing our littlest love in all her newness!Photobucket