Ramblings & First Day of School Pics (Finally)

At some point I should probably just start calling this what it is – an online journal/scrapbook – rather than a {sorely neglected} blog.  I miss blogging.  I really do.  That was confirmed for me this week when I was helping Addi with a school project and had to go back through the blog to find a couple of pictures.  I started reading/reminiscing and didn’t stop until almost 2 hours later.  I really love what our little corner of cyberspace is/was/will become.  And it’s for this reason, that I hope to continue documenting our life.  Granted, it likely won’t look like it did before.  I might (read: will) go months between posts. I’ll probably share too many pics and not enough words. And you know what?  That’s ok with me.  It really is.  I have to let go of the guilt I feel for not posting regularly, for not refreshing the blog design frequently, for not writing what’s on my heart, for not developing fresh content.  Because this season of life?  This busyness?  It’s great.  Like, really, really great.  My marriage is thriving.  Our kids are happy, healthy, and getting cooler by the day.  J’s job is awesome. Our families are near and involved.  Could we use a few more dollas in the bank account?  Uh-huh! Am I doing what I know God put me on this earth to do (besides being a momma)?  I don’t think so.  Yet.  It’s all good. And I feel Him working in our lives.  It’s a deep stirring within me, really.  And that’s not even a great way to describe it.  I do my daily duties, take care of my 3 “jobs” (all of which I love, by the way), run kids from here to there, fix meals, clean up messes.  Yet, during it all, I can’t help but to feel like I’m waiting.  Really, it’s a feeling of hope and excitement.  Because his plans for me (us!) are far better than what I can dream.  And y’all?  I have BIG dreams.


Aaaannnyyyyway, my whole point of posting today was to show off pictures from the kids’ first days of school.  Somehow we have a 2nd grader, kindergartener, and 5-day-a-weeker preschooler.  Oh, a wannabe school-goer, too.  Check out these snazzy looking, clean, and happy kids.  I can guarantee you that they have not looked like this since.  In fact, today is picture day and I let Eli wear his ISU jersey instead of some fancy collared shirt that would bring out his bright blue eyes.  Because do you know what else today is?!?  Do you??  It’s GAME DAY!  That’s right.  Game day > picture day in this house. Besides, I’ve decided that I’m going to always look back on his kindergarten picture and remember that that was him – Cyclone obsessed and only “comfy” in gym clothes.  Gosh, I love that kid.

On to the pics!

An ICubs Outing

When J and I were dating and first married (a looooong time ago!), one of our favorite things to do was to go to Iowa Cubs games.  The tradition continued for awhile after we started having kids, but the more kids we added to the mix, the more difficult this outing became.  But some things are worth the effort and now that our kids are getting a bit older (read: more manageable!), we’ve decided to do our best to get back into this adventure that we used to enjoy so much.  Soooo, we decided to registered our 3 big kids for The Iowa Cubs Knothole Gang, which means that for just $9 they each get tickets to 7 games, a t-shirt, free drink & treat at all games, and an invitation to a free clinic (which was rained out – boo!).  Plus, J and I were able to purchase our tickets at a very reduced price!  Score (literally!).  Anyway, after a couple scheduling conflicts, we were finally able to make it to our first game last Thursday and, I think it’s safe to say that, we all had a BLAST!