Hey, Elijah Wrigley…EIGHT is enough!

It’s true y’all.
Even though I could swear he was just born yesterday, my baby boy is 8 years old today!
And let me tell ya — EIGHT is enough! 
Elijah Wrigley,
If you wouldn’t mind staying at this still baby-faced, big tooth-ed age, I sure would appreciate it. Because this growing up business? It sure is hard on your mama’s heart.
And speaking of heart, you certainly hold a special place in mine. It’s a place all it’s own and ONLY for you. Because you, son, are my boy. You’re my little lover, button-pusher, tender-hearted, completely sports-obsessed, bacon-loving, and LOUD boy. You mess up words, wear emotions on your sleeve, are freakishly good at math, and can be a little too sarcastic at times.
Eli, you’re an analyzer. The opposite of me. You’re a smarty pants. A joy to have as a son. A thinker and doer. Cautious. Leader. Persistent and stubborn.
Stubb.orn. Where you got this need to be right all the time, we’ll never know. (*cough*cough*) But you and I? We’re working on admitting when we’re wrong. And we’ll get it, buddy. Thankfully, this isn’t something we need to practice often.
Oh, sweet boy, these years have been good ones. You are growing so quickly and your little boy-ness has almost completely faded away. I know it’s only a matter of time before you’re less interested in morning snuggles with your Mama and more interested in other people (girls!) and things (more sports!).
Eight years ago, I could only hope you would sleep another hour.  Today I’m realizing how quickly the past 8 years have gone and it makes me want to take back each and every bedtime story, tee ball game, park date, or bike ride and do them all over again.  Holding hands with you, my now 8 year old, feels so fleeting. Today we walked into the store hand-in-hand and I had to wonder…how much longer will this last? Was today the final time to have your hand in mine? Please know that as you step away and pull your hand from mine, we are rooting for you, cheering you on like no one ever will.
Son, your dad and I pray that the people and things that God brings into your life will continue to draw you closer to Him. We pray for you, that you would use your leadership and passion not to build your name, but to make His name bigger — that you would use your stubborn persistence to tell others about Him.
We pray the Lord’s richest blessings on you, precious son.
Happy eight years!
We can’t wait to see what this year will bring us!
All my love to Wrigley and back,

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