Halloween — finally!

T’was the day before Thanksgiving and…Missy still hadn’t posted Halloween pics yet.
That’s how the diddy goes, right?
Anyway, just squeaking this in before I feel guilty for not having posted both Halloween AND Thanksgiving pics.
This Halloween/October/early November was great! Despite the fact that I was frequently feeling not-so-hot, we really enjoyed the {overall} nice weather and all the obligatory activities that come with fall. It’s funny — with everything we did and everywhere we went, I found myself thinking, “Holy crap! I’m going to be doing this with a baby in tow next year!” And, I’ll be honest — part of me is anxious at the thought of being back in baby mode and doing “big kid things” with a little one again. But for the most part? My excitement tells my anxiety to “shut the heck up! This is going to be great!” (Take that, Satan!)
On to the pics!

Beggars Night
Whew! It feels good to have that done. I can’t wait to share our Thanksgiving pics with you on the day before Christmas! 🙂

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