Finally…Fireplace “Built-Ins”!

One of the things that has been on our “House Wishlist” FOREVER is “built-ins” for around the fireplace. You know, the fancy kind that look all “built-in” and professional? Yeah. THAT was our vision and for years we were content with our large wall unit/entertainment center that we scored for uber cheap back in the day, while living at our old house.
Well, finally this past February we decided it was time to take the “built-in” plunge and, after asking around a bit, we decided to get bids from a couple different contractors. First we called T & E Construction and they stopped over within just days to talk us through the process and to give us a free quote. We liked everything Eric from T & E had to say, but like any responsible homeowners, we figured we should bring in at least one more contractor for a bid. After a little back and forth emailing with an independent contractor, he finally stopped over to have a look. While he was a SUPER nice guy, we could tell from the get-go that he wasn’t very confident about being able to make the built-ins look completely…well, BUILT-IN, without a LOT of work. Aaannndddd, painting of the built-ins was not included in his services. We waited for just over a week to get his quote before going with our gut and calling T & E Construction in for the job!
Eric & his crew were booked out just a couple of weeks, but it didn’t take long for the process to be set in motion! T & E’s custom cabinetry guys were out taking measurements almost immediately. Next, the electricians were quick to come get things set-up for our TV to be mounted above the fireplace (something we’ve been wanting to do for a loooongg time!). Then, on a Thursday a crew showed up with the custom made pieces and work was underway! We lived in family room disarray for just over a week before the entire project was complete — painting and all! And, let me tell you — we could not be more THRILLED with how they turned out!
I realize it sounds like a little thing, but the built-ins have changed the way we use the room. With a family our size, there was always some type of “seating competition” going on for couch room *directly* in front of the television. Well, I’m happy to report that there is no longer a “best seat in the house!” They’re all great and the room is truly the heart of our home. Plus, it’s probably no surprise, but having lots of shelves for me to style is an absolute dream!
So, you want to see?
First, let’s take a look at the BEFORE situation:
Again, not bad, but we were ready for something different/more practical.

Aaannnndddd, the AFTER:
It’s light & bright. And practical. And just what we wanted!

So, a HUGE shout-out to T & E Construction on a job well-done! Eric and crew, the Starrs give you 5 Star(r)s!
The good news for us/you is that T & E does it ALL! In fact, they’ll be our first call when we’re ready to finish our basement, build a new deck, and maybe even build our *future* dream home!
You can find out more about T & E Construction by visiting their website:
Or on FB (the social media strategist in me LOVES how Heather handles their social profiles!!) at:

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